Color-dice-game with Beebots

Mini Maker |

3-6 Jahre

Project description

With the help of a color-dice-game and a Beebot children learn the simplest basics of programming.

Required material

  • Beebot
  • transparent Beebot mat
  • colorful color cards (color squares)
  • Cubes with colored sides (correspond to the color cards)
  • Table (best with edge so the Beebot doesn't go down)

Project implementation

The children can
  • roll the dice
  • Determine the color that is on top when rolling the dice
  • find a way how to get the Beebot on the mat to the matching color card
  • select the destination and program the beebot
  • Let the Beebot drive and correct the direction if necessary


In this project the children learn to understand color correlations to play with digital means, to know first and simple basics and forms of programming as well as to support each other and to find a solution together. Variant: Preschool children played according to the same principle with a real dice. Here the mat could be equipped with Arabic numerals and/or with the point symbols of the cube.

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