Stop-Motion Film: “Fritzi Makes a Journey”

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4-5 Jahre

Project description

Fresh from the summer holiday season, children tell of their events and travels with the family full of joy. This occasion can be optimally used to create a short film with children: A Stop-Motion Film!

Required material

  • Download "StopMotionPro" App and "Voice Memo" App for iPad
  • iPad for filming
  • white A4 paper
  • crayons
  • Laminator incl. foils

Project implementation

The children can
  • learn what an iPad actually is and how the apps can be used
  • record own ideas about history with the "Sprachmemo" app
  • Paint their ideas on paper, which is then laminated
  • photograph the drawings with the "Camera" app so that the photos only need to be inserted into the "StopMotionPro" app
  • decide on background music together


In this project the children learn:
  • how to use the iPad and the "StopMotionPro" and "Photo" app
  • what actually a stop motion movie is
  • create your own sound recording
  • to invent their own story together and implement it creatively
  • to effect and produce something yourself
  • develop their own artistic ideas and inspire others to do so

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