Color-Pattern Memory

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1 1/2–2 Jahre

Project description

With the help of an action tablet and different colored forms, the children’s recognition capabilities is trained as they sort the forms like in the memory game after pairs.

Required material

  • Action tablet
  • Laminated cards with different colourful shapes (e.g. triangle, square, circle
  • Laminated playing field divided into 3x3 square
  • Bowl for the storage of mould cards
  • Project implementation

    The children can
    • place the colorful shapes from the bowl on the action tray in the square fields
    • Assign the appropriate second form and form pairs


    In this project the children learn to:
    • recognize and name the first colors
    • observe in a targeted manner and to find comparisons
    • Sort matches to each other and form pairs
    • know and practice their ability to concentrate and endurance in eye-hand coordination

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