Sound Story with “Makey Makey”

Mini Maker |

5 Jahre

Project description

With the “Makey Makey” kit, children can independently create melodies and get to know various instruments and their sounds.

Required material

  • „Makey Makey“-Kit
  • Computer
  • Fruit
  • Paper and pens

Project implementation

The children can
  • explore and discover the functionality of "Makey Makey" together
  • connect the different coloured cables with the fruit
  • develop an idea for a sound story together
  • recognize different instruments visually and assign their sounds to them


In this project the children learn to
  • to handle and use the "Makey Makey" kit
  • know different instruments and their sounds
  • how to build a simple electric circuit and handle the colorful cables
  • invent a melody to a story
  • to distinguish between sounds and sound characteristics
  • to jointly develop an idea and find solutions
  • to show consideration for each other and to take turns in trying things out

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