The Truth and the Internet

Mini Maker |

4-6 Jahre

Project description

Children like to question. Hence, the question arose what the Internet actually is and who writes the Internet? A joint research should take up and answer the current question of the children.

Required material

  • Tablet with internet access
  • a beamer if necessary

Project implementation

The children can
  • name a current topic and formulate a concrete question on it
  • get to the bottom of the question together and do research on the Internet
  • expand their use of the Internet
  • evaluate and discuss their results together
  • if necessary, reformulate your question and change the search entry on the Internet
  • Together clarify and answer the question: Have we found the truth/answer?


In this project the children learn to
  • to formulate a concrete question
  • how to use the Internet and how it can be used to collect information
  • Use and evaluate research results sensibly

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