Luminous name tag

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3-6 Jahre


Project description

During our project “How electricity flows” we are currently dealing with the question of what is electricity and what can I do with it. In this example, the children also study the letters and practice writing their names.

Required material

  • 1 LED light-emitting diode
  • 1 button cell 3V
  • Paper
  • safety pin
  • tape

Project implementation

  • Write name on the paper and arrange it as you like
  • Alternatively, printed capital letters can also be affixed
  • Punch the LED on the front of the paper through the paper and connect it to the coin cell battery on the back
  • Affix all to the paper with adhesive tape
  • The safety pin is used to attach the name tag to the clothing

Be careful:
  • The light-emitting diode has a long leg, the anode (+) and a short leg, the cathode (-). When connected to the coin-cell battery, the two poles touch to close the circuit and light the LED.


The children learn
  • Design and using letters
  • Simple electrical circuit Construction

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