Shining glitter bottle (with switch)

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3-6 Jahre


Project description

During our project “How electricity flows” we are currently dealing with the question of what is electricity and what can I do with it.

Required material

  • 1x 9V block battery
  • 1x switch
  • 1x bulb
  • Wire
  • Plastic bottle (split in half)
  • Glitter
  • tape

Project implementation

First build a circuit with a 9V block battery, wire, a switch and a light bulb. Then insert the elements in the 2nd bottle half (with bottom). Fill the empty bottle half with glitter. Fix a light bulb in the bottle cap of the empty bottle. Now put both bottles together (the bottleneck is inside) and connect with adhesive tape. Warning : Before installing the components in the bottle, check the circuit for proper function.


  • Construction of a circuit with switch and light bulb
  • new applications

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